5 Health Tips for Summer

Some things that affect our health are beyond our control. However, there are several lifestyle choices that we can make that have a direct impact on our health. The summer is a great time to make healthy choices and work towards wellness. Here are five things that you can do to improve your health this summer!

Add some produce to your diet

Fresh produce is abundant during the summer. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, they are virtually fat free, they are full of important vitamins and nutrients, and they can help you maintain a healthy weight.

The USDA recommends five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Take advantage of the season and add some color on your plate.

Get active

While you have to be careful when exercising and being active when it’s hot outside, the summer presents a great opportunity to be active and healthy. Summer is the season for activities like swimming, paddling, and biking.

Adults need at least 5 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity each week, according to the CDC. Try and time your exercise early in the morning or later in the day when it’s cooler. Or, avoid the heat altogether and exercise indoors.

Drink more water

Our body is roughly 60% water, and practically every function that takes place in our body requires water. Staying hydrated is essential to for staying healthy.

The hotter it is outside, and the more active you are, the more water you lose. There’s no recommendation for how much plain water you should drink each day, but most people don’t drink enough water. Plain water provides the fluids that you need without any added calories, sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

Sit back and relax

Believe it or not, some people actually have a difficult time relaxing. One-third of Americans say that they don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. Our culture admires dynamos, and disapproves of the slothful. If you’re not doing something, you’re lazy. If you’re not busy, you’re going to fall behind.

There’s something to be said for relaxing and doing nothing, however. It gives your body and mind an opportunity to rest and recover. It improves your mood and it’s good for your mental health.

Try PEMF therapy

While you’re making positive changes in your life to work towards wellness, try pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF therapy is an easy and effective way to improve your overall health and improve your quality of life. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is used for recovery, injury prevention, and maintaining good physical and mental health.

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